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It seems all the writers around here are building novels and travel memoirs via newsletters. While I aspire & am inspired to do something like that in near future, I wanna bring out my writings, delicate pieces into the world for now. They've rested for long enough in journals, on folded pieces of papers in my school blazer pockets, and a few squeezed into books and underneath the bed. And you know what, social media is too much for these pieces, they deserve to read alone, between you and me, although it's among multiple of you.. My multiple personalities, commonly called many faces of me that have been torn between many worlds, one for each of them. But it will in a way, be among me and you only. There will be no judgment.😺

Ya? You coming with me? Okay then, drop your email here:

So consider dropping your emails up there! We'll talk about books and the winter breeze. Mocktails and the summer air. For a while, we'll chat in secrecy, whisper secrets or just talk about the day. I'll share my thoughts and stories while you write me back yours. That's all! We'll soon go beyond the gates, explore. For now, that is allπŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ

If you dropped your emails, I wrote you more, check that when you can! More soon, until then bubyee!πŸ‘‹

Be well, be happy.🐝